Manhattan Murder Mystery


MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY, directed by Woody Allen from a screenplay he co-wrote with Marshall Brickman, is a contemporary comedy in which a husband and wife find themselves totally bewildered by a possible murder.

In MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY, Huston plays a charming author whom Allen describes as "not only attractive and sexy, but also very intelligent." Allen adds, "Anjelica has all that."

Huston returns the compliment, saying that Allen is "very exciting to work for." Ron Rifkin plays Sy, married to Marilyn (Joy Behar). Friends of the Liptons, Sy and Marilyn encourage their investigation, offering their own opinions and ideas and, importantly, their technological expertise. Jerry Adler portrays the mysterious neighbor, Paul House, who may be a murderer. A former Broadway producer and stage manager, Adler makes his second appearance in a film with MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY.


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